You’ve found me, or rather, you found my site.

I’ve been writing and editing and doing that sort of thing for well over 20 years now. My works include the novel Dancing the River Lightly, the publishing guide Ebook Now, and the 5-Spot ebook travel series.

I’ve also written an assortment of material for both print and online publications, including news stories, feature articles, restaurant reviews, marketing copy, legal summaries, training material, short stories, and articles about technology. Years ago, I even wrote an advice column, back when I thought I had advice worth giving. And let’s not forget my degree—an MFA in creative writing. Given what it cost, I should at least be able to mention it.

Years ago, I won a couple writing awards (ancient history, really), and I’m currently a member of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild.

The following artwork is the cover of the second edition of Dancing the River Lightly. I’m busy at work on my next novel. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Dancing the River Lightly