Dancing the River Lightly

'Dancing the River Lightly' book coverRiver. Dog. Storm. Cop. Rubber boots. Old man. Gay man. Two Mormons. Blackmail. Cascade Mountains. San Juan Islands. Trees by the truckload. Oreo cookies. More storms. Tennessee whiskey. Magic mushrooms. Thunder and lightning. A cameo or two by God.

And they dare to call it fiction…

The second edition of Dancing the River Lightly is here at last. A novel of improbable proportions, Dancing the River Lightly is available in paperback (ISBN-13: 978-0991074105) and as an ebook. Currently, both versions are being sold only through Amazon. That will change in the not-too-distant future.

The first edition, from what I understand, is out-of-print, although the powers that be (Amazon primarily) still show the book as available. And who knows better than the likes of Amazon?

Here’s their listing for the first edition. Last I checked, you could buy a new copy for $91.24 and a used one for a penny. And eBay’s offering the book for $176.81. Go figure.